The Honors College has several scholarships available exclusively to Honors College students. Currently enrolled Honors College students must meet the eligibility requirements specific to each scholarship for which they are applying (and be in good standing with the Honors College). Students may apply for one or more scholarships. Please do not apply for a scholarship for which you are not fully qualified.

The scholarship awards listed below are made possible by generous donations from alumni, friends, and the university community. The purpose of the scholarships is to benefit students in their academic pursuits. The number of these awards varies.

Study Abroad Scholarships

A student studying.

The Honors College provides several scholarship opportunities for study abroad programs.

Thesis Fellowships

Megan Carrasco (left) and Dr. Suzy D'Enbeau (right), assistant professor of communication studies, discuss Carrasco's thesis research.

The Honors College provides several opportunities for financial support for students who complete a Senior Honors Thesis/Project.