Welcome from the Dean


Greetings from the Dean-

Welcome to The Honors College!  Kent State University’s honors program is one of the oldest in the country, and is today a thriving and exciting community with students in majors from every college within the university. 

As an Honors student, you can expect outstanding advising, which includes academic and career planning.  Advising is the very heart of the Honors College.  You can expect many opportunities to come your way as you pursue your career aspirations and find your calling.   Many students choose to explore a research experience and complete an Honors Thesis, which involves working closely with a faculty member in a particular area of expertise.  Kent State Honors College leads the nation in the number of Portz Prizes received, a national award presented yearly by the National Collegiate Honors Council for the year’s most outstanding Honors Thesis.  So, whether you are pursuing a degree in Business, or History, or Fashion Design, or Nursing, or Biology, or Art, or any of KSU’s 300 majors, you will find The Honors College ready for you.

Many great opportunities await you in the Kent State community, and we look forward to working with you to help you find your path.  Explore Study Abroad and Study Away, internship opportunities, community involvement and research opportunities- it is all here waiting for you!

With best regards,

Dr. Alison J. Smith