The Honors College at Kent State University provides students with a liberal arts education at a large, public research institution. Demanding courses, stimulating discussions, international study, and research projects will challenge your intellect and enhance your education. 

Your education may culminate with a senior thesis or creative project, an in-depth project that showcases your knowledge and creativity. The opportunities we provide for self-expression, leadership, and service will prepare you for graduate school, a professional career, and most important, life.

Honors Student Member Agreement

(This will be completed with your assigned Honors advisor during your first semester advising appointment)

Program Requirements

The Honors College requires students to complete 24 credit hours of honors work by the time they graduate, which is equivalent to three credit hours or one class per semester; maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA; and meet with their honors advisor each semester. There are several options for earning honors credit hours, and your honors advisor will assist you in selecting honors work that will integrate with and enhance your undergraduate education.  A few options to earn honors hours include:

  • Freshman Honors Colloquium
  • Kent Core Courses
  • Major Specific Courses
  • Study Abroad/Study Away
  • Internships
  • Research
  • Class Project Agreements
  • Senior Honors Thesis (optional) 


All Honors College students are required to successfully complete a minimum of 24 Honors credits, with the exception of students who are admitted to the Honors College as juniors for the purposes of completing a Senior Honors Thesis/Project. Honors students are expected to enroll in the Honors section of a course when available.

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Honors students should be actively pursuing enriched educational activities that complement their degree programs. As members of the Honors College, students must continue to earn Honors credit on a regular basis. 

Students are required to meet satisfactory progress toward their Honors credit requirements by completing a minimum of 6 Honors credits each academic year. In some cases, students may accumulate additional credit hours beyond the minimum requirements each academic year. Despite these instances, students are required to complete Honors credits each academic year.

The Honors College encourages students to complete their 24 Honors credit hours upon completion of the junior year and pursue a Senior Honors Thesis/Project in the senior year so they may Graduate with Honors.


All Honors College students are required to successfully complete HONR 10197/10297 Freshman Honors Colloquium I & II in the first year.

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Honors College students are required to maintain a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA to retain their membership in the Honors College.


Graduation with Honors is the highest distinction awarded to students who graduate from the Kent State University Honors College. In order to be eligible for this distinction, students must successfully complete and defend a Senior Honors Thesis/Project.

There are three levels of distinction for Graduation with Honors, as follows:


University Honors


3.8 Cumulative GPA

Six hours of independent study, at least four hours of which MUST be thesis but all six of which can be

Senior Honors Thesis/Project of outstanding quality

General Honors


3.5 Cumulative GPA

Six hours of independent study, at least four hours of which MUST be thesis but all six of which can be

Senior Honors Thesis/Project of "A" or "B" quality

Departmental Honors


3.5 Cumulative GPA

Six hours of independent study, at least four hours of which MUST be thesis but all six of which can be

Senior Honors Thesis/Project of "A" or "B" quality

Honors College students who do not complete a Senior Honors Thesis/Project but who successfully fulfill all other Honors College academic requirements receive an Honors College Scholar notation on the final academic transcript.


Honors College advising is required for all Honors College students. Students are required to meet with their assigned Honors College advisor each semester. Honors College advising is designed to assist students in selecting Honors experiences that will enrich their educational experience and on their academic progress in Honors. Students should be aware of their responsibilities as an advisee.

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