Allies at Kent State

There are many ways to become an ally at Kent State University.  One of the best ways is to sign up for Safe Space Ally Training and become a certified ally! There is also information posted on the LGBTQ website, about ways to become an everyday ally.  Please see the Allies & Support page in the education section of the LGBTQ Student Center website for more information on how to be an Ally.

As of April 2015, the Safe Space Ally training program was re-released at KSU.  Faculty, Staff and Students who have completed the Safe Space Ally Training since then, and indicated they wanted their name to be shared, are listed below.  There are many allies around campus; the people that are listed below have completed the official KSU Safe Space Ally Training session and have indicated that they are available as a campus support.

Kent State Safe Space Allies

Connect with allies through the LGBTQSC Facebook page.