Basic Information

We all have to start somewhere with learning, so why not start at some of the basics.

Please explore the links below for some information about the LGBTQ community. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the LGBTQ+ Center for more information.  Please consider signing up for an official Safe Space Ally Training, which is presented through the Training Lab of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in collaboration with the LGBTQ+ Center.

Terminology List

Basic LGBTQ vocabulary can be hard to understand and all around confusing. The Center has created this list to help individuals understand some of the basic terminology as well as to help you expand on some terminology that you may not have known before. Please check out the terminology list by clicking the link above. 

Rights in Ohio

This link provides a quick reference to some of the rights (or lack of rights) provided to LGBTQ people living in the State of Ohio.

LGBTQ Student Center Library

The LGBTQ Student Center has a library of LGBTQ related literature and movies.  The library is free and open to everyone; please visit the Center to read or borrow books and movies.  The Center is always in search of more literature and films so please consider donating these resources to the Center, if you are able.  The link above will provide a list of books available in the Center.