Being an Ally

Before diving into a bunch of terminology, it is important to know what it means to be an ally and what an ally is in general. This is the place to learn more about being an ally and what being considered an ally means. 

An ally is a member of the dominant/majority group who takes a stand against social injustice directed at a target group(s). For example, white people who speak out against racism, or heterosexual individuals who speak out against heterosexism or homophobia. An ally works to be an agent of social change rather than an agent of oppression.

Below are a few resources to help you learn more about being an ally and to answer some questions you may already have.

View Common Ally Questions

Read Pros and Cons of being an Ally

Learn How to be an Ally

To learn more about allies here at Kent State University and to become a better ally, consider checking out the Safe Space program offered by the LGBTQ+ Center. More information can be found on our Safe Space Ally Training page.

More information can be found by emailing the LGBTQSC or checking out our Facebook Page

Ally information adapted from Ohio State’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Student Services, Multicultural Center, Columbus, OH 43210 (614) 688-8449.