Center Wishlist

The LGBTQ+ Center is always striving to improve our lounge space, services, and programming for our students, faculty/staff, and community members. Please view our Wishlist below to see how you can help us towards our goal.

  • $5-$10 Gift cards for student intern incentives/drawings (Gas or coffee)
  • Shark Stuffed Animal (from Ikea) - Students selected this as our Center mascot:
  • Kleenex & Paper Towels
  • Storage/Ziplock bags– Large gallon size
  • Reams of Construction Paper
  • Poster board sheets
  • KSU LGBTQ+ achieve items (stuff from ‘back in the day’ in the work towards equality)
  • Art for the Center: Rainbow Lightning Bolt
  • Large Timing Clock
  • New desktop computer (Dell Optiplex for KSU compatibility) for Center computer lab
  • Ceiling Mounted Projector for Center
  • Vacuum cleaner

Questions? Please contact