Flashes of PRIDE!

Celebrating LGBTQ History Month at Kent State University….With Visibility and Pride


Download the Flashes of Pride Poster 2017-2018

  • Paje Jordan, Botany Student
  • Dr. Tameka Ellington, Assistant Professor of Fashion
  • Eric Mansfield, Executive Director, Media Relations
  • Corey McGinnis, Music major, Theatre Performance minor
  • Julie Novotny, Career Advisor, Career Exploration and Development
  • Danielle Martin-Jensen, College of the Arts Graduate Student
  • Dr. John Crawford-Spinelli, Dean, College of the Arts
  • Brian Hellwig, Assistant Director, Resident Services
  • Sven Rundman IV, Project Coordinator, Office of Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services
  • Gingy Stypa, Administrative Assistant, College of Nursing
  • Cassie Pegg-Kirby, Interim Director, Women's Center
  • Tiffany Holler, Educational Technology Designer
  • Dr. Kathryn Wilson, Professor of Economics
  • Val Kelly, Interim Associate Vice President, Office of Continuing & Distance Education
  • Andrew Shipka, Coordinator, Online Learning OCDE
  • Jennifer Cobb, Intern, Office of Student Success Programs
  • Kystal Dundorf, Special Education Student
  • Austin Mariasy, Photojournalism Student
  • Spencer Vaughn, Deaf Education Student
  • Aleks Bruno, Fashion Design Student
  • Matthew Orosz, Sociology Student
  • Jordan Whidden, Interior Design Student
  • Sean Short, Political Science Student
  • Avery McGirr, Pre-Med Psych Student, President of Trans * Fusion
  • John Hummell, Residence Hall Director, Residence Services
  • Tabitha Messmore Martin, Advisor, Venture Initiatives, LaunchNET
  • Abigail Morgan, Psychology Student
  • Bethany Simunich, Director, Online Pedagogy & Research
  • Hannah Scaglione, Zoology Student
  • Michquel Penn, Police Sergeant, Kent State
  • Michael Ronga, Business Management Student
  • Lisa D. Givan, Associate Director, Diversity Training Lab
  • Erin LaFargue, Graduate Assistant, Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Ed Dauterich, Diversity Training Lab, Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Dr. Denise Harrison, Faculty, English/Pan African Studies
  • Dr. Dianne Kerr, Professor, Health Education and Promotion
  • Dr. Lamar Hylton, Dean of Students

To be included in future Flashes of Pride editions, email lgbtqsc@kent.edu.