Gender Neutral/Inclusive Resources

The LGBTQ Student Center continually makes strides to help students feel well connected to the resources they need. The Center has a number of resources that are available to help all students.  There are specific resources that can be helpful to individuals who identify as Transgender, gender neutral or outside the gender binary in any way.  Below some resources for students including a Universal Restroom map, a template for coming out to professors via email, information on how to change your name on the Kent Flash line site, and information about gender inclusive housing.

Universal Restroom Map

The LGBTQ+ Student Center is proud to share the Universal Restroom map. This map lists all of the Universal Restrooms/bathrooms on campus including those in residence halls and those in academic buildings.  The map can be found through the link below as well as can be printed for your convenience.

Access Universal Restroom Map

Transgender Resources

The LGBTQ+ Student Center at Kent State University provides many resources for transgender students as well as students who are in the transition process.  Click the link below to access valuable information about resources provided at Kent State and the local community.

Learn About Transgender Resources

Chosen Name Process

Creating and embracing an inclusive environment is important to the mission of Kent State University.  We recognize that some students use a name other than their legal name to identify themselves. As such, Kent State University has established a process for students to request a chosen name. Begin the process by logging into Flashline below.

Change Chosen Name

Transition Template for Professors

Talking to professors can be challenging, it can be even harder when trying to ask for the use of your chosen name. This template is an email outline to make it easier to talk to your professors about using your correct name and pronouns.  The email serves as a sample or guide for one way to approach professors on the topic of chosen name and pronouns.  If you would like more assistance in talking with professors about possibly sensitive topics please come to the Center, where we would be happy to speak with you.  

Go to Transition Template

Changing the Name Displayed on your Email

When anyone sends an email the name of the sender is displayed along with your email address. This name can be changed to a chosen name.  A step by step guide has been created, including screen shot pictures to demonstrate how to change the name display for Kent State emails.  The process is fairly easy and is another way in which one's chosen name can portrayed.

Access Email Name Change Instructions


Legal Name Change in Ohio

The process of legally changing ones name can be hard to navigate. A document has been created to help walk you through the process in Ohio to help make this process easier.  Your name can be legally changed on a number of legal documents.  Click the link to learn more information.  If you have further questions or need assistance please contact the LGBTQ+ Student Center. 

Go to Legal Name Change Process

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender inclusive housing is available to students here at Kent State University.  There have been great strides make in this area over the past few years.  Residence Services offers gender inclusive housing to those students who are interested and/or in need of such house. Click this link to learn more about gender inclusive housing and what Kent State has to offer by way of living on campus through Residence Services.

Learn about Housing Options

Passport Change Policy

In June 2010, the State Department announced a new policy to issue passports that reflect a person's current gender when either a previous passport or other personal documentation presented by an applicant reflects a different gender. Under the new policy, a transgender person can obtain a passport reflecting they/them current gender by submitting a certification from a physician confirming that they/them has had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition.

Read Passport Change Policy