Fall 2020 LGBTQ+ Center Interns

Cameron Anthony

  • A public relations major with a minor in sociology. Cameron uses the pronouns He, Him and His and identifies as Gay. Cameron is still discovering the spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community but is still very passionate about equality and education for potential allies. His hobbies include: desperately trying to catch up on Shameless on Netflix and giving advice that he never abides to. Back at home Cameron has a small tabby cat named Penelope. And is planning to complete all four years and graduate in 2022.

Kayla Cagwin

  • Kayla Cagwin is a Doctoral student in the Sociology department. They are currently working on a thesis investigating consent as practiced, maintained, and enforced within the marginalized BDSM community. Kayla is non-binary and identifies as queer, polyamorous, and a pan gray-ace. They are passionate about general social justice and equality, but specifically as it pertains to consent, sexual assault awareness, racial justice, and LGBTQ+ advocacy and awareness. In their spare time they enjoy attending concerts, experiencing art of all kinds, watching movies, playing video games, being in nature, drinking coffee/tea, and spending time with their three cats. As an intern Kayla hopes to gain experience working with students and staff while helping the Center and the LGBTQ+ community. 


  • Marcus is a a Visual Communication Design Major and Spanish Minor. He plans on designing concert posters and album artwork for musicians with his degree, as well as studying abroad as an undergrad. Marcus is a cis-gender Hispanic male who identifies as gay. He currently holds the Secretary position of Alpha Psi Lambda. Marcus has interest in diversity, traveling globally, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and language learning. If not located in the Center or in class, you will most likely see Marcus playing video games, discovering new music, language learning, enjoying a bite to eat, or spending quality time with friends. 


  • Paige is a Master's student in the Counseling program and is an intern for the LGBTQ+ Center. She uses she/her/hers pronouns and identifies as bisexual and pansexual. Paige has beein involved in many leadership roles on campus, such as a Flashguide, a Peer Leader Trainer for PLTC, and a Student Success Leader. When she's not on campus, she can always be seen listening to music and constantly craving chicken.

Matthew Fowler

  • Matthew (he/him/his) is a Public Health and Sociology major focusing on medical and community outreach. On top of working in the LGBTQ+ Center, he also tutors mathematics and social sciences through Student Support Services on campus. Outside of class and work, Matthew enjoys playing video games, reading, and spending time with his dogs.

Gustavo Santamaria

  • Gustavo Santamaria (he/him/his) serves as an intern for Kent State University’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning Plus (LGBTQ+) Center. His main goals are promoting different dimensions of advocacy at an individual, personal, and University policy level, as well as collaborating with the planning and implementation of programs to address several topics that are relevant to the students’ wellness. Gustavo is an international student, and a Fulbright scholar from Panama currently in his second year in the Master of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Kent. In addition to this role, Gustavo works as a GA at the Tutoring Center and has served for two consecutive semesters at the Academic Coaching Program at Kent. Gustavo practiced psychology in Panama serving as a college and career counselor for Latin American students who pursued a degree abroad. Besides his passion for his career, Gustavo is also a world traveler, having visited around 40 countries during his entire life. He is passionate about languages, currently fluent in Spanish, English and German, and in the process of learning Russian and Italian. He aims to have an international career focused on supporting underrepresented students to have access to meaningful life experiences. He is very excited to be interning at the LGBTQ+ Center and is ready to support students and the KSU community.


  • Serena (she/her/hers) is a high school student at Bio-Med Science Academy. Senior Bio-Med students get to choose internships to complete for the year, and Serena is excited to be interning at the LGBTQ+ Center. She hopes to learn a lot more about the LGBTQ+ community and meet new and interesting people. Once she graduates, Serena plans on attending Kent State and majoring in Digital Sciences to pursue a career in web development. In her free time, Serena enjoys spending time with her pit bull (Deimos) and her family, reading all kinds of books, doing jigsaw puzzles, watching movies/tv with her sister, and going on walks.


  • Mya is a Human Development and Family Studies major with a concentration in child and youth development and a minor is in Disability Studies and Community Inclusion. She uses she/her/hers pronouns and identifies as queer. Mya is in a sorority and is quite involved when it comes to leadership. She has organized and planned a retreat for her sisters, helped educate new members about their sorority, and has been a chair-head on multiple occasions. Outside of classes, Mya enjoys reading, playing video games, and dancing.