Summit County Children Services

Through his experience as a Community Relations Intern at Summit County Children Services, public relations alumna Mateo Martin, ‘23, learned that he can apply his public relations skillset in a way that serves others.  

During this internship, Mateo put a lot of public relations skills into practice including creating presentations, writing press releases, designing social media posts, organizing and planning events, and more. Each task was done with the purpose of serving the community.  

Mateo feels that his coursework in the School of Media and Journalism successfully prepared him for this opportunity.  

“Kent State has been the sole reason I’ve been prepared for this,” he said. “Every class has been a huge help, but specifically, I can attest that Media Relations with Tim Roberts has immensely prepared me for writing news releases and the ‘ghostwriting’ I’ve had to do. Public Relations Tactics with Luke Armour has helped with organizing events and considering all the factors when doing so. Public Affairs with Stepanie Smith was also a great precursor to public relations within government.”  

From this internship experience, Mateo found that working in public affairs is the best fit for him.  

“I’ve learned that I am my best when I can completely align with the goals of my employer and can appeal to a necessary audience in a way that serves the public,” he said. “I’ve learned that being a public servant is what I really want, and that there is a way to bring my public relations skills to this table!”