Retention Rates

The success of our School is tied to the success of our students. Among the most critical measures of success are freshmen retention rates and timely graduation rates. We closely monitor progress against these measures.



JMC - Progression Within University
Freshman Cohort Cohort Enrollment Retention Graduation
After 1 Yr After 2 Yrs After 4 Yrs After 6 Yrs
2014F 173 85.0% 77.5% 60.1% 75.7%
2015F 185 88.1% 80.5% 56.2%  
2016F 178 83.7% 78.1% 55.1%  
2017F 156 78.2% 77.6%    
2018F 143 83.9% 77.6%    
2019F 130 83.9%      
2020F 84        
JMC - Progression Within College
Freshman Cohort Cohort Enrollment Retention Graduation
After 1 Yr After 2 Yrs After 4 Yrs After 6 Yrs
2014F 173 74.6% 64.2% 51.5% 60.1%
2015F 185 78.4% 71.9% 50.8%  
2016F 178 71.9% 64.6% 46.6%  
2017F 156 67.3% 61.5%    
2018F 143 70.6% 64.3%    
2019F 130 73.9%      
2020F 84        
JMC - Progression Within School
Freshman Cohort Cohort Enrollment Retention Graduation
After 1 Yr After 2 Yrs After 4 Yrs After 6 Yrs
2014F 173 71.7% 59.0% 46.2% 52.0%
2015F 185 73.5% 64.9% 44.3%  
2016F 178 68.0% 57.3% 41.6%  
2017F 156 62.2% 53.2%    
2018F 143 64.3% 55.2%    
2019F 130 70.8%      
2020F 84        



The University has become more selective in admitting students to the Kent Campus and is admitting students with stronger high school credentials. As a result, in recent years, the academic performance of JMC freshmen has increased, as these significant improvements in GPA, ACT and SAT scores show:

  • ​In 2009, the mean high school GPA was 3.18, the mean ACT score was 22.30 and the mean SAT score was 1007.
  • In 2015, the mean high school GPA rose to 3.31, the mean ACT score was 23.10, and the mean SAT score was 1025.
  • In 2018, the mean high school GPA rose to 3.4, the mean ACT score was 23 and the mean SAT score was 1130.



It has been a blockbuster year for scholarships and financial awards at JMC, our fourth consecutive year of growth in scholarship funds and recipients. We awarded more than $300,000 in scholarship dollars for the 2016-17 academic year.

In 2013, JMC created the Promising Scholar Awards, which provide awards of $2,000 and $3,000 to the 10 strongest freshmen entering JMC in the fall semester 2014. This was the first time that JMC offered freshman scholarships that are renewable for up to four years if the students remain in good standing in JMC. We are pleased to now have 19 Promising Scholars, spanning from freshmen to seniors, and that number continues to grow.



Students who make a successful transition to the college learning environment and develop solid support networks are more likely to persist and complete their degrees. We are committed to providing students with the support systems necessary to stay in school, graduate on time and achieve their professional aspirations. Our proactive measures include:

  • Focused efforts on recruitment and retention. We are reaching out to students earlier in their high school careers and pursuing high-performing and high-aspirational students, especially those who have taken advanced placement (AP) courses in high school, to help prospective students adapt to college more easily. JMC's Recruitment and Retention Committee, created in 2013, regularly examines JMC recruitment and retention data and refines student outreach strategies accordingly.
  • Relevant and real experiences. We are committed to continually assessing and updating our curriculum to ensure its relevance and rigor, offering a top-notch learning environment with a modern, multimedia facility and exposing students to co-curricular opportunities, especially student media and student professional organizations, that build competence, confidence and personal brands.
  • Committed and accomplished faculty, who provide students with essential context on specific careers, as well as contacts throughout the media and communication industry.
  • Professional academic advisors, who are located in the School to be close to students and faculty, and who stay with students throughout their undergraduate experience to provide individualized support.
  • A professional coordinator of diversity initiatives and a Diversity and Globalization Committee who reach out to all students; encourage diversity in race, ethnicity and thought; and help improve student experience overall.
  • Exposure to professional role models. Events like JMC's Diversity Speaker Series, the CCI CareerExpo, and the "Communication Connections" networking event introduce students to ethnically and occupationally diverse professionals who can become role models, mentors and future employers.
  • Promoting CCI Commons, the College's residential community. Students living in CCI Commons benefit from in-residence academic advising and weekly programs that provide insight into career possibilities and current practices in the communication industry. JMC faculty and staff regularly participate in Commons programs. Students also benefit from living in a community with others who are studying the same major or have similar professional interests. Because of this supportive environment, CCI Commons has developed a solid record of retention among its residents. On average, JMC students comprise more than half of all CCI residents of the Commons each year.
  • Encouraging students to use University learning resources, including:
    • The Academic Success Center, which offers individual, group and online tutoring, peer mentoring and supplemental instruction, in addition to advising students on study strategies, note-taking, test anxiety, time management and proficiency on personal computers.
    • The Writing Commons, which assists students at every stage of the composing and revising process.
    • The Math Emporium. Kent State requires mathematics placement of all new freshman and transfer students who have not successfully completed a college-level mathematics course at another college or university, or earned scores of 3 or higher on the Advancement Placement Calculus AB or Calculus BC test. To determine placement, Kent State uses ALEKS, a software program that assesses each student's mathematical strengths and weaknesses, and then, if necessary, provides a learning module to improve the student's knowledge and skill.
  • Celebrating the success and potential of all students. Near the end of spring semester, JMC hosts Student Success Week to recognize the progress and achievements of JMC students. Activities include the annual CareerExpo, an award ceremony, scholarship dinner, and the Free Food Monday! social event.