Student Learning Assessment Plan

JMC Student Learning Assessment Plan

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JMC Student Learning Assessment Plan Progress Report

august 2016

Each year it is the responsibility of an appointed Assessment Coordinator to produce a progress report on Kent State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The purpose of assessing our School’s adherence to rigorous academic standards is threefold:

  • First, it provides JMC faculty and administration with an appraisal of our curricular proficiencies and potential areas of improvement;
  • Second, it provides an understanding of our students’ academic strengths and weaknesses;
  • Third, it acts as a primary mechanism to earn reaccreditation from our discipline’s national accrediting body, the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC).

To create the 2016 JMC Assessment Report, three assessment tools were used:

  1. The JMC Faculty Survey, which asks our faculty to indicate the extent to which they teach our School’s 12 Core Values and Competencies (for a list, see Appendix 3);
  2. The Graduating Senior Exit Exam (GSEE), which is an multiple-choice test that evaluates students’ conceptual knowledge of our School’s 12 Core Values and Competencies;
  3. The Culminating Experience Team Assessment (CETA) Survey, which asks our faculty and a small group of media professionals to evaluate how well our students’ capstone classwork reflects our School’s 12 Core Values and Competencies.

The methodology for each of these tools is explained in the report. By no means are the metrics used in this report to assess faculty and students perfect—a fact that is addressed in the limitations section (see pp. 28-29). Rather, the findings outlined in this report should be interpreted as rough estimations of what our faculty teach and what our students learn. Importantly, the data collected to create this report are a result of ongoing annual contributions by our faculty and students.

Download the 2016 JMC Assessment Report.