1. It WORKS.

Mediation has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective means of resolving conflicts.  Mediation is a collaborative process and allows all the parties involved to gain insight and be heard.

2. YOU decide.

Because mediation agreements are the results of the participants' hopes, goals, and wishes, the solution is more likely to hold up over time.

3. Preserves relationships.

So many times when we are in a conflict, we lose the ability to see from the other person's perspective.  A small disagreement or recurring fight can be so damaging it leads to the loss of the relationship.  Mediation can help people when they feel there are no options left and provides resources participants can use later on in life.

4. Faster, easier, and FREE.

Compared to resolving conflicts through a court process, mediation is an effective, affordable, and relatively quick alternative. 

5. Helps participants focus on what's important.

The goal of most college students is to do well, graduate, and build a meaningful career.  Unfortunately this can be difficult to do if one constantly finds themselves in conflict!  Mediation helps participants to get back on track and focus on their main goal: getting their degree.