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Save the date now for the Office Support Staff Recognition Program held Wednesday, April 27, in the Kent Student Center Ballroom. This luncheon recognizes university employees who provide office support throughout Kent State’s campuses.

Person's Name
Familiar Face

kate mcanulty

Assistant Dean
Division of Graduate Studies
Kent Campus

Person's Name
New Face

nathan thomas

Administrative Clerk
Department of Computer Science
Kent Campus

Award-winning Playwright Willy Conley to Present at Kent State

By Hanna Moore

Willy Conley, referred to as “perhaps the most widely known deaf playwright in the world,” will hold several events at Kent State University to present his debut novel, The Deaf Heart.

Conley is an award-winning playwright, actor and photographer who has worked in some of the top medical centers in the country. The Deaf Heart draws on Conley’s experience as a professional biomedical photographer, while overcoming obstacles and prejudice.

Work in progress:

  • Completed AHU #3 duct tie-in to AHU #2.
  • Air handler unit #3 has been permanently shutdown.
  • Start layout for tele/data ductbanks.
  • Starting motor control center (MCC) and swithgear duct bank.
  • Started mass excavation - currently 95% complete.  Shoring and lagging is now complete.
  • Installing exterior scaffolding to 3rd floor on the west side of the building inside the construction fence.
  • Phoenix air valve replacement in the Annex research labs continues per schedule.