Faculty grievance and appeal procedures

Contractual grievances are governed by the procedures laid down in the Collective Bargaining Agreements under the title of Grievance and Appeals Procedure.  Appeals of an academic decision (e.g., tenure or promotion) follow the normal administrative route through the Chairperson, Dean, and Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

Faculty members who feel they are being unfairly treated should consult with the Chairperson.  The Chairperson may ask for the advice and recommendations of individual faculty members or of faculty groups in seeking resolution of complaints and problems.

In the event a conflict exists with the Chair, the faculty member should attempt to resolve this matter with the Chair.  If no resolution is achieved, the faculty member has the right to consult with the FAC to intervene on his or her behalf.  If no resolution is achieved at this level, the Chair of the FAC is empowered to bring this matter to the Dean.

Every effort should be made to resolve the matter at the departmental level through an informal procedure.

If no resolution is achieved, the appropriate procedure in either the TT or NTT CBA must be followed