Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

The policies and procedures for tenure are included in the University policy and procedures regarding Faculty tenure (see University Policy Register 3342-6-14) and the policies and procedures for promotion are included in the University policy and procedures regarding Faculty promotion (see University Policy Register 3342-6-15). Before the start of each academic year, the Office of the Provost provides specific guidelines for the preparation and review of reappointment, tenure, and promotion cases. Copies will be provided by the Chairperson of the Department to all Faculty eligible members.

Candidates for tenure are expected to have developed a sustained or focused research or creative program in their chosen subfield(s), evidenced by publications or creative scholarships (for example, journal articles,  book chapters, books, directing/creative productions, film/documentaries/audio books, performances). Probationary Faculty are encouraged to submit at least one scholarly/creative piece per academic year. Evaluation of publication record will include an assessment of contribution to the field and its quality.  The Department of Pan-African Studies values and recognizes publication in academic multi-disciplinary and disciplinary specific journals and presses. Only work that has been published or formally accepted for publication can be considered for tenure and promotion.  A book contract or conditional acceptance of a manuscript will not be considered as evidence of scholarly achievement in tenure and promotion reviews. Critical editions with introductory material, notes, and textual apparatus will be considered the equivalent of a single-authored critical work; other editorial work, such as editing a learned journal, special issues of learned journals, or collections of essays, will be weighted according to the scholarly contributions of the editor.  Multiple-authored works will be weighted according to the scholarly contribution of the candidate.