Faculty Workload and Equivalents

Generally, faculty members not holding administrative positions are not granted workload equivalents which reduce teaching assignments by more than six credit hours per academic year.  However, extenuating demands beyond the formulation given below will determine whether a faculty member will be granted an equivalency for special services outside the classroom.  Examples include the Assistant to the Chair, Departmental Division Directors and other program or institutional directors, unless elsewhere stated differently.  

Faculty may be assigned special assignments for the department if assigned classes does not make. This may be variable (up to 3) and requires consultation with Chair and/or Dean. Pre-tenure faculty research may receive credit hours release for their first three years. Post-tenure faculty may request productivity release; however, this requires annual review and consultation with FAC and Chair. Not more than 6 credit hours per semester may be requested.

In addition to assigned classroom hours, each full-time faculty member is expected to hold at minimum 5 office hours per week, which may include student consultation and advising, Department service, university service, community service, scholarly research and writing.

Anyone desiring workload equivalencies to perform assignments stipulated in grants or contracts, to complete research projects and/or publications, to perform functions on or off campus, in other departments or for the university must submit a request in writing to the Chair and have the expressed approval of the Chairperson.  The Chairperson shall also be consulted prior to submission of grant proposals and/or acceptance of assignments requiring release time.

Table 1. Workload Equivalents Table


Load Equivalent



Assistant Chair

Up to 6


coordinate, develops and maintains records of majors; advising, scheduling, and course

modifications and substitutions recommended; monitor the minor programs, coordinate the

undergraduate program, reviews request from faculty, and monitors output and productivity of the various units in the Department; support the

Chairperson in the collection of data for required reports and proposals for grants; acting Chair in Chairperson’s absence

Director, CPAC

Up to 12


Pl  Plans , coordinates and directs activities, which provide students and the Pan-African community at large with opportunities to develop projects, performances and exhibits promoting cultural and arts awareness;   identifies artists and other public figures to be invited to Departmental events, guest lectures, the annual Pan-African Festival; negotiates fees for such artists and public figures, handles all arrangements for their appearance on campus, provides promotional materials and publishes a calendar of events;  works in cooperation with the Curator of the Gallery for exhibitions and with the IAAA Director for the scheduling of speakers on scholarly topics; manage the CPAC budget, report at regular Unit meetings, and submits annual reports


Director, ACT

Up to 12


Cr  Creates and develops the ACT theatre program, including the training of students in theatre productions; development of theatre workshops, community outreach, and events to develop new audiences;  provides opportunities for creative outlets for the local and Kent State University communities; oversees the general management of the theatre, including schedules, and rehearsals; manage production budgets, report at regular Unit meetings, submits annual reports.

Director, CSA

Up to 12


Oversees programs related to communication skills and arts; selects and supervises all faculty members who teach in the Department’s College Writing Program and those who work in the Department’s Help Center/Computer lab;  works in consultation with the faculty, the Director advises DPAS/Writing Program faculty on the direction and content of the DPAS/College Writing classes; may oversee student publications, assists with the editing of Department materials; oversees the DPAS

scholarships for majors and minors as well as the Kim Todd-White Scholarship; reports at regular Unit meetings, and submits annual reports.

Director, IAAA

Up to 9


Maintains the necessary research infrastructure to advance the research mission of the

Department; serve as liaison with other

 educational bodies both at Kent State and

 beyond; may oversee publication of The

African American Monograph Series,

KITABU, and the IAAA newsletter; oversees

management of the Henry Dumas Memorial

 Library; coordinates the Biennial Africa and

the Global Atlantic World Conference;

 manages the IAAA budget, report at regular

 Unit meetings, and submits annual reports.

Curator, Gallery

Up to 6


Pl  Manages the Uumbaji Gallery, its exhibits and its permanent collections and a minimum of four exhibits per academic year or the equivalent; selects the artists and assists with internal and/or external funding opportunities for exhibition costs and coordinates with other units with regards to publicity and a calendar for exhibits; managed the gallery budget, report at regular Unit meetings, and submit annual reports.

Large enrollment >150

Up to 1-3


Teaching a large section is equivalent to an additional 1-3 credit hours.