Faculty Excellence Awards, also referred to as merit, are established and awarded pursuant to the applicable CBA. Procedures and timelines for determining Faculty Excellence Awards for any given year shall be conducted in accordance with guidelines issued by the Office of the Provost. The periodic reviews of professional excellence are undertaken for continuing full-time TT faculty in accordance with agreements negotiated by the University and the AAUP-KSU. The awards are intended to reward exemplary professional performance that is beyond the expectations of a faculty member’s regular workloads.
Faculty members will be asked to describe and document their contributions in the area of scholarship, teaching and service according to the University guidelines and policies.  The weight of each category will be determined by FAC and the Department chairperson. Evidence in all categories must be submitted. 
An Ad Hoc Faculty Excellence Awards Committee consisting of FAC members shall review the submitted applications for the merit awards. Faculty must use the standard departmental form. All applications must be supported by the required/relevant documentation in order to be eligible for consideration. In the absence of the FAC Chair, members will elect an FAC member to Chair the meeting. Members of the Ad hoc Committee shall excuse themselves from the meeting when deliberations and voting on their applications take place. The formula (point system) below shall determine the amount (funds) of award each faculty shall receive. The allocation of the fund will be based on the total score earned by each faculty in each of the three categories of research/creative scholarship, teaching, and service. The FAC shall make recommendation of the merit deliberations to the Chair who will make the final Departmental recommendations to the Dean. Any appeal concerning the Faculty Merit Awards will be determined by the guidelines issued by the Office of the Provost at the time of each review.
The following procedures shall be followed by faculty wishing to be considered for the Faculty Excellence Awards. For each award category that faculty is applying for (research/creative scholarship, teaching, and service), faculty members shall submit a summary of accomplishments  covering the period under review. The narrative must be supported by recent curriculum vitae (CV) of the applicant and all relevant supporting documentation. The percentage of the total award for each category shall be distributed as follows: Teaching (40%), Research/Scholarship and/or Creative Scholarship (40%), and Service/Community Engagement (20%).