Evaluation (Metric) System

  1. Merit Process Calculator

    1. Based on the percentage of merit assigned to each category of Research, Teaching, and Service, determine the appropriate distribution of the total amount of merit funds allocated to the Department;
    2. Determine the score for each category for which a faculty member applies;
    3. For each category, separate and independent of each other, determine the total number of FEA units by adding up the scores for each person who applied for a FEA in that category;
    4. To determine the Unit Dollar Value, divide the total score into the merit amount for that category;
    5. To determine the merit amount for a person in a particular category, multiply the score times the Unit Dollar Value;
    6. The total FEA for a person is the sum of each FEA in each category for that person; and, finally
    7. Apply this system for each of the categories, separately.
  2. Key

    • U = Total FEA designated for a category
    • A = FEA for a particular category
    • D = Unit Dollar Value for a category
    • TS = Total of all scores in a particular category
    • S = Score for a particular category
    • T = Total Faculty Excellence Award
  3. Calculator

    TS = S1 + S2 + S3…+Sn
    D = U/TS
    A = S x D
    T = A1 + A2+ A3