Evaluation Rubrics for Submissions

Abstract Evaluation 

  1. Clarity of the abstract: Does the abstract provide all of the information needed by the judges? Is it concise and to the point?  
  2. Quality and relevance of the research, creative work: Is the work that is undertaken relevant to the current state of knowledge in the field? Is it a potentially important contribution to the field? Is it contextual? Are the conclusions supported by the results? Is the work of interest to a general audience?
  3. Creativity, originality and scientific validity: Is the work novel? Was the work carried out according to accepted and valid methods in the relevant field?
  4. Evaluation Criteria/Rubrics for Posters, Papers, and Artistic Presentations can be found below:
    Artistic Performance / Presentation Rubric 
    Poster/Paper Presentation Rubric
    Professional Practice/Outreach/Engagement Rubric