Faculty Student Connection

Faculty-Student Connection 

The SMC Faculty-Student Connection will include extended, semester or longer collaborations between a faculty mentor and an undergraduate student to work together to advance their field of study.  The research project will implement the stages of the research process (i.e. Literature Review, Research Methodology, Research Writing, etc.) to produce new knowledge to be shared with internal and external KSU constituents.  For example, student participants will be required to host one research presentation about their project in an SMC related-group, such as M.E.N. or Sister Circle, and to present the results of their project at an appropriate academic conference or performance venue (e.g. Celebration of Scholarship, Honors Week, Library Research Conference, or an external conference). Faculty and students will be required to provide an end of project report explaining how the work impacted them in their position at Kent State and their career objectives (e.g. presentation for inclusion in CV, data for grant development or publication, increased time management skills, greater appreciation for their major, higher GPA, etc.).


The key component of the program will be a $1,000 budget for each faculty-student pair. This funding resource will be used to purchase supplies, pay for travel to meetings or other non-salary project related expenses.  Student applicants will write a brief proposal including a budget, explaining their project and its impact on their career development. The faculty mentor will provide a letter of support, assessing the feasibility of completing the project in no more than one calendar year (CY), and the impact the work is likely to have on their tenure plan. The proposal should explain how the funds will be used, and what the expected work output from the project will consist of (e.g. data report, presentation, performance, Senior Thesis, publication, etc.).


Selection & Eligibility:

  • Student participants must have a declared major and a cumulative GPA above a 3.0.

  • Faculty members are eligible to receive funds to mentor only one student through this program per calendar year, but may have additional students they mentor through other programs or funding sources.

  • Faculty and students may also continue participation in subsequent years.

  • SMC faculty and staff will assist in pairing faculty and students and selecting which projects to fund.

  • Projects will be evaluated on their creativity, significance, and feasibility.

  • Some of the selection checkpoints may include the following items: Application, Faculty recommendations, Transcripts, and Personal letter of interest.

  • Faculty-Student pairs from all KSU disciplines are eligible.

How to Apply:

  • Submit Application

  • Submit two recommendations from faculty

  • Submit a 300-word essay including the criteria supplied in the application packet (on last page of application packet)

  • Participants will be selected on the basis of having the potential for graduate studies

  • A committee comprised of the Student Multicultural Staff & Faculty Associates

Application Checklist:

  1. Faculty-Student Connection Application fully completed

  2. 300-word essay (Note criteria below)

  3. Two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty members (Faculty instructions can be found at the back of the application packet)

  4. A writing sample (paper or essay from previous coursework that will provide us with an example of your best work—no more than 7 pages)

  5. Unofficial copies of transcripts