Cultural Food Celebrations

The Cultural Food Celebrations is a series aimed at highlighting and honoring the diverse cultural foodways that make up our food system in order to foster cultural appreciation and awareness.

Beginning with Black History Month, Culinary Services will feature selected recipes in dining halls, and share information about that culture’s culinary practices and traditions.

Recipes will be selected primarily based on the ability of that dish to be reasonably scaled for large volume.

Students with chosen recipes will:

  • Work with chefs to create the recipe exactly as intended.
  • Be interviewed on the dish’s cultural, personal, and historical significance.
  • Be featured in the dining facilities during the week their dish is being served.
  • Be invited to bring guests to the dining facilities during the day their dish is served.
  • Help support your fellow community members! Culinary Services will donate 20 portions of each meal selected to the CARES Center to support those in our community struggling with food and nutrition insecurity.

Want to contribute your own recipe to this program?

  1.  Fill out this Recipe Template
  2.  Submit the template and your information

Deadline for submissions is January 9, 2023

If you have any questions, please reach out to