SMC Leadership Institute

SMC Leadership Institute

The SMC Leadership Institute is a program that develops leaders to engage in development that considers their racial and ethnic identities with an emphasis on individual and social cultural development. The institute utilizes community-based learning and social justice principles to ensure students are developing comprehensively. 


As a result of participating in the SMC Leadership Institute students will

  1. Develop meaningful relationships with other students through community building.  (Community Development)
  2. Recognize their role and responsibility as a student leader (Leadership Development)
  3. Discover techniques to navigating relationships with appropriate boundaries (Individual Development)
  4. Reflect on leadership identity including values, strengths, and goals with the intent of implementing within leadership roles (Leadership Development)
  5. Examine the systems of privilege and oppression with the intention to create a more humane and equitable system for others (Community Development)
  6. Assess the value and importance of diversity, including intersectionality to develop strategies to create more inclusive environments (Social Cultural Development)
  7. Create healthy ways to celebrate their own cultural identity (Individual Development)

SMC Leadership Institute (SMCLI) Timeline 

August-February: Applications Open
March: Interviews and Acceptance Notifications
April 22: SMC Leadership Institute Kick Off
June-July: Request for Information and Material Review
August 11th- August 13th: SMC Leadership Institute Summer Conference (See Full Schedule Here)

September 11th and 12th: Continued Education Session 1

November 8th and 9th: Continued Education Session 2

February 8th and 9th: Continued Education Session 3

April 4th and 5th: Continued Education Session 4

Roles within SMC Leadership Institute

Within the institute, students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, values, and identity while also having the chance to serve in two different capacities: K/T Mentor or K/T Navigator. For students who are not yet interested in holding a leadership position, but want to be a part of the institute, we are now offering the SMCLI General Application to all students who are interested.


  • Current KT student leaders (returning mentors and navigators who are interested still need to complete an application)
  • Students from KT 2022, 2021, 2020 are welcome to apply but this is not a requirement to be a student leader
  • Students who did NOT participate in K/T (student leaders do not have to be participants in KT to apply)
  • Current PLTC students or those who are not in PLTC because PLTC is not a requirement
  • Other student leaders: Resident Aides, Student Success Leaders, USG Board members, etc. (we work with all training schedules for other leadership roles to avoid conflicts)


  • SMC Swag (we know y’all love the SMC sweatshirts!) 😉
  • Build a Community with other student leaders and SMC Staff
  • Year-long leadership program for sophomore, junior, and senior Kent State students that includes:​
  • Access to national and local conferences​
  • 4 Continued Education Sessions​
  • Opportunity to take on a leadership roles​
  • Opportunity to be mentored by a Kent State staff or faculty​
  • Community Service



  • 2.5 cumulative GPA  
  • Start fall 2023 as a sophomore who has taken PLTC, OR a junior or senior
  • Complete the application


SMCLI Pioneros

K/T Student Leadership Timeline

  • K/T Mentor Interviews: March 13-14, 2023
  • Selection of Kupita/Transiciones Mentors and Navigators: Monday, March 20
  • SMC Leadership Institute Kick Off: Saturday, April 22 9:00am-3:00pm
  • SMC Leadership Institute: August 11-13 2023
  • Kupita/Transiciones Orientation Program: August 14-17, 2023

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