(K/T) Frequently Asked Questions

Is there early move-in for K/T?


When does K/T take place?

  • August 24, August 25 and August 26 11:00am-4:30pm
  • This year students will only participate in K/T one of the three days from 11:00am-4:30pm.
  • No later than August 17, we will be sending an individual schedule out to each student to share when you will participate in K/T whether online or in-person.


Is it safe to attend K/T in-person?

  • The SMC staff has worked diligently with the events safety committee to adhere to guidelines from the institution, state and national authorities to limit the risk of COVID-19. The program is adherence with the Flashes Safe Eight.
    • Each person in attendance will be asked to wear a face covering
    • We require that proper physical distancing take place the entire program
    • We are hosting all events outside (weather permitting) to allow proper spacing for events
    • We have hand sanitizer available throughout the entire program
    • We have decreased the number of in-person attendees and broke the group up into 10 smaller groups to ensure we prevent large crowds


What is the K/T mentor program and why should I participate?

  • K/T mentors are upper-level undergraduate students who have experience with successfully navigating college. They are trained to be a resource to our first-year students and connect students to resources such as involvement opportunities, programs, and services.
  • Each first-year student will also have access to a faculty or staff member which we call a K/T advocate. This person will work with the mentor and first-year student to make sure they are aware of helpful information and resources.
  • First-year students should participate because this program has demonstrated to help students successfully navigate their first year of college.
  • This program guarantees students has at least 1 person to connect with your first year of college.
  • Students are expected to meet with their mentor at least twice a semester


Why is there a K/T course?

  • This will be the main platform for you to connect with your K/T peers
  • Helpful resources and information beyond the K/T orientation which takes place August 24-26.
  • In previous years, we had a four-day orientation and this year each student will only engage with K/T from 11:00am-4:30pm on one of those three days. Hence, we wanted to provide more time for you to build community and access these resources.


What is the K/T Course?

  • The course is a combination of cultural development and community development and access to helpful resources.
  • We will have 7-10 guest speakers present information about culture, community, tips on becoming a successful college student and more.
  • We will have opportunities to meet in-person (safely to build community and sustainable meaningful relationships.


Is this K/T course mandatory?

  • The K/T course is a part of the overall experience, although it is not mandatory, we are strongly encouraging student to participate in the course to reap all the benefits that K/T has to offer.


Do I have to enroll in the course to participate in K/T?

  • No. although not mandatory, we are encouraging students to enroll in the course if their schedule permits it.
  • We will also have an option to add students to the Blackboard course as guests to allow for them to have access to resources and connect with peers without having to complete assignments for the credit.


Do I have to register for the course myself?

  • No, we are working with advisors in each college to register students for the course.  


What will the in-person course look like?

  • The course will meet in person bi-weekly to either engage with a guest facilitator or connect with their K/T peers or both.
  • On the off-weeks of the in-person classes the class will meet online.


What if I planned to study remotely this semester?

  • The course is also offered remotely, and students will have ways to engage with the material and peers in the remote section of the course.


What is the workload like for this course?

  • There are limited assignments spread across the semester averaging about 3 assignments a month.
  • The assignments for the semester are.
    • 5 - Journal entries (which can be a video or written response)
    • 5 - Discussion board posts (100-200 words)
    • 10 - Quizzes (5-10 questions each)
    • 1- one-page reflection


How much will it costs for me to enroll in this K/T course?

  • This course should not cost you anything additional to enroll. If you are currently enrolled in 18 credit hours, we will work with you on a way to avoid any additional costs.


Who do I contact if I have more questions?