Kupita/Transiciones (K/T) Mentoring Program

K/T Mentoring Program Overview


The Kupita/ Transiciones (K/T) Peer Mentor Program provides a uniquely structured support system that is rooted in trust, care, cultural understanding and transparency. The K/T Peer Mentor’s primary role is to build relationships with their mentees, provide guidance through their wisdom and experience as a KSU student and connect their mentee to helpful resources on and off campus.


K/T Peer Mentor Program assist students in establishing a sense of belonging while attending Kent State University. This program will help students feel culturally affirmed as they transition into KSU throughout their freshman year.

The K/T mentor program is woven into the fabric of the orientation program as well as support via the SMC throughout the entire academic year.

Before K/T Orientation

Students will be matched with their mentors before arriving to KSU. This program intentionally matches incoming first-year students and transfer students with mentors who have common majors, interest and career goals. Your mentor will contact you before you come to campus for K/T and introduce them self in order to become better acquainted and answer any questions you may have about the program.

During K/T Orientation

Once you arrive to Kent for K/T you will meet your mentor and they will be around the program the entire week. They will be assisting in move-in, student org fair and other fun and exciting bonding experiences.

After K/T Orientation

After K/T ends you and your mentor will continue to have periodic check-ins and they are available the entire year to assist you during your transition. Your mentor will be able to connect you into the SMC as well as other helpful resources on and off campus. The K/T mentor program is just one more layer of support that the SMC provides to ensure you experience a successful transition into Kent State University!

If you have any questions about the K/T Mentor program, please contact Program Coordinator, Mike Daniels, mdanie10@kent.edu