Multicultural Living Learning Community

You want to live somewhere you can laugh with friends, listen to your music, and live your best life? Then this is the place for you. The Student Multicultural Center is committed to providing resources that support our students of color in their sense of belonging and cultural affirmation. This living learning community is an extension of the SMC as a resource for our students of color. 

Simply put, we want you to 

  1. Come as you are and be your true authentic self 
  2. Gain relationships that help you grow and learn 
  3. Engage with an open mind to contribute to your community in positive and meaningful way 

The Multicultural Living-Learning Community is in Tri Towers. This LLC supports the sense of belonging and cultural affirmation of our African American, Latinx/Hispanic, Native American/Indigenous, and Multiracial undergraduate students.   


This community provides an immersive environment designed to facilitate culturally engaging experiences within their living quarters. This LLC includes optional courses in ethnic studies, cultural identity, and first year-transition support. Additionally, this LLC provides programming and support from the SMC, and opportunities to participate in academic support, leadership development, career readiness, leadership, and social and cultural activities.   


Students new to Kent State housing will select the Multicultural Living-Learning Community and Tri Towers as their first choice on their housing application. For questions regarding the Multicultural Living-Learning Community, please contact Alice Fermaintt at  


Alice Fermaintt  
Program Coordinator, Student Multicultural Center