Training and Education

The Student Multicultural Center serves as a hub for multicultural training and education.  

Our Philosophy 

Our students come from diverse backgrounds, hold multiple identities and have varying level of experience with exploring their identities. The SMC wants to provide educational environments and resources that will allow for them to learn more about their identities while learning to understand, appreciate and value others’ identities as well.  

Our Approach 

We help individuals learn more about different cultures through the experiences of others in several formats.  

  • Presentations- Pre-recorded videos that campus partners can use to give an overview of what the SMC is and what we offer to new students, staff and faculty.  
  • Workshops- An SMC staff member facilitates live and engaging workshops on five different topics. These occur either on a) pre-determined dates which individuals or groups can register to participate or b) by requesting a workshop for groups on dates other than those already scheduled.  
  • Resources- We have collected a vast database of resources that our community can access for free. Some items are by request from our office, but majority are online via our website.  

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