When will I move into my Residence Hall room?

All new students will move on campus on Monday, August 24th between 8:00 and Noon

Listed below are all of the halls and their corresponding area desk: 

Area Desks

Twin Towers Area Desk

(located in-between Beall and McDowell Halls)
Allyn, Beall, Clark, Fletcher,  Manchester, McDowell, Van Campen                                                                       

New Front Area Desk

(located in Dunbar Hall)
Centennial Court A, Centennial Court B,  Centennial Court C, Centennial Court D, Centennial Court E, Centennial Court F,  Dunbar, Engleman, Prentice, Verder                                                                                                                                                        

Tri-Towers Area Desk

(located in the Tri-Towers Rotunda)
Koonce, Korb, Leebrick, Wright

Quad Area Desk

(located in Stopher Hall)
Johnson, Lake, Olson, Stopher

Students will move in to their assigned room based on information they received from University Housing.