On Dec. 11, Microsoft will begin moving Kent State University Exchange email accounts to a new, updated version of Office 365. This upgrade will provide Kent State faculty and staff members with expanded online features while maintaining the current features of the Outlook desktop client.

With the Office 365 upgrade, you will receive:

You get an email from Kent State University, apparently, saying your mailbox has exceeded its storage limit set by your administrator. In order to receive new mail, it states you must re-validate your account. You click on the link, fill out the information requested, including your password and you go about your day. You haven’t done a thing wrong, and your information is safe with the university, right?

Email MigrationInformation Services has launched several new initiatives to improve communication and collaboration tools used across the university.  One of these initiatives, the transition of faculty and staff Exchange email accounts to the cloud-based Office 365 Exchange email, is designed to provide improved functionality of the web email access/service with significant cost savings.

During the fall 2011 semester, Information Services found that Kent State students in Kent Campus residence halls often had questions about their computers or other technology devices and needed personal help.  IS was faced with the task of creating a new support team on campus to assist students late at night.