Dogs on Campus

What started as research on the relationship between dog and owner, turned into one of the country’s first therapy programs more than a decade ago. Today, the Dogs on Campus Pet Therapy Program® at Kent State University serves as a model to bring certified therapy dogs to stressed out college students.

Photo of Dogs on Campus Pet Therapy ProgramMan’s best friend is helping Kent State University soar to the top of the list when it comes to a pet-friendly campus.

Of the top 10 universities around the country, ranks Kent State number one.

The website praises the Dogs on Campus Pet Therapy Program® for bringing dogs to dorm rooms, classrooms and even the library during finals week.

What started at Kent State University a decade ago is catching on at other universities around the country. From Yale to Berkeley, four-legged friends are filling campuses with their stress-reducing abilities. highlights eight universities, including Kent State, that use therapy dogs to help students calm down, whether it is checking out a dog the way you would a library book, or just petting one while you are studying for finals.

Man’s best friend helped turn the stress of Finals Week into smiles, selfies and solace at Kent State University.

Twenty-two pooches from Dogs on Campus Pet Therapy Program® filled the library for students to enjoy.