The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Student Center is dedicated to providing the students, faculty and staff at Kent State University with education, training, support and resources that cater to the gender and sexual minority community and its allies.    

Six international teams compete for the prize of Best Dish at this year's International cook-off competition.    

On Dec. 1, the Kent State University community gave generously. Watch a special thank you video to learn just how large of an impact the university's amazing contributors created on Giving Tuesday.    

Join Kent State President Beverly Warren in giving to the university on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1.On Dec. 1, #KSUGives. Double your impact when you join Kent State University President Beverly Warren in giving to Kent State.     

Arushi Patel, a fourth-year Kent State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design student, recently landed an internship with Gilbane, a company that is managing the construction of her college's new home.    

Kent State University graduate students participate in a competition where they are given only three minutes to present their research to a panel of judges.