Megan Carrasco | 1560721407 | Kent State University

Megan Carrasco

Senior applied communication major Megan Carrasco is currently working on a communication studies-related honors thesis. Her endeavor began as she came across an online article that piqued her interest called “Forbes Top 100 Sites for Millennial Women.” She immediately recognized this to be an appropriate topic for a communication studies thesis. Carrasco then was able to elaborate on possible research questions for the thesis with the help of her advisor, Dr. Suzy D’Enbeau, which they narrowed to “how millennial women are discursively constructed online.”

Megan Carrasco, a senior applied communication studies major in the School of Communication Studies, was recently awarded two scholarships: Honors College Minority Scholarship and Senior Honors Thesis Fellowship. The scholarships recognize Carrasco’s outstanding academic achievements and pursuit of an honors thesis as a student at Kent State University.