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“I do not have clinical depression or anxiety. However, there have been times where the stress of school and life have completely overwhelmed me. About once a semester I have a breakdown where I cry a lot for 2-3 days. I always know and do get past the stressful moments but in those times it can be very difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

--Anonymous, Student


"I have a small pamphlet style poetry book called Suicidal Poems with stories about and imagined from my mental illness struggles, namely hypomania."

Forward from the pamphlet:



“The Line 4/12/17

there's a line somewhere

deep inside your brain

that separates the neurotic

from the psychotic.

if you're lucky

you've never seen this line

you've never had to wonder which side you fell on

because you of course just know

you’re normal

and not crazy


“I spent a week in a psychiatric facility for attempting suicide. But at the same time I was thriving in my job, keeping up my grades, and continuing my relationships. My mental health issues were just a part of my life that needed extra care, it did/does not define me as a person. I am thankful for my time spent there and you would never know about it just by looking at me. You can seek mental health help and still be a “normal” person. It only makes you stronger!"


“My parents got divorced when I was 13, and I decided to move with my mom. At the age of 14 I ran away from home and lived with an ex. My mom worked a night job and would stop coming home in the mornings. Our fridge was never full, and I remember there being just a lemon, an onion and a pack of tortillas. So, I left. The guy who I was dating at the times family took me in.


“On paper, my brain looks like someone

let the Very Hungry Caterpillar off his leash.

On paper my colors are unusual,

rare blooms in an untouched jungle,

the kind that smell like corpses

I push ten-letter words into my mouth

with my fingers, so far back that I

trigger my gag reflex, forcing myself to


“Most days, waking up is the hardest

But it is also when Poetry arrives

Stands patiently outside the shower,

Places its hand on the mirror

Wipes away the steam"

“At the young age of 5 I was molested. In 7th grade a boy on the school bus put his hands down my shirt and pants. I started self harming when I was 14, when I turned 16 my depression hit its peak. I attempted suicide. In that moment I wanted to speak to no one. I didn’t want to be told it’ll be ok or that it gets better. I had seen so many psychologists over the years, I thought there was no help. I turned my anger and sadness into artwork.



"It's just one beer, what's the big deal?"

"Haha, that's a good one! Wait, you seriously don't drink?"

"You? No way! You can't seriously be an alcoholic."

"Want a drink? Oh, sorry I forgot."