A catastrophic landslide, one of the largest known on the surface of the Earth, took place within minutes in southwestern Utah more than 21 million years ago, reports a Kent State University at Trumbull geologist in a paper published in the November issue of the journal Geology.

A group photo of some of the Trumbull campus scholarship winners

A group of nearly 200 Kent State University at Trumbull students were honored as scholarship recipients at a reception held on Friday, Oct. 3.

More than $198,000 from 49 campus-based scholarships was awarded, along with additional awards from numerous externally-based scholarships.

In recognition of October being Domestic Violence Awareness month, a number of events will occur on the campus of Kent State University at Trumbull.

On Thursday, Oct. 9, Linda Baer, R.A., and legal advocate supervisor of Someplace Safe, Inc., will speak on domestic violence in the 21st century, prevention efforts, and the work of the agency in the community. Baer's presentation will take place in Room 173 of the Link Building, from 3-4 p.m.

Kent State University at Trumbull’s Link Art Gallery is pleased to present the works of Ron Wilson during an exhibitionRon Wilson's works will appear at The Link Art Gallery beginning Sept. 9 at Kent State Trumbull that will run from Sept. 15-Oct. 9. 

Kent State University and Eastern Gateway Community College have signed an agreement allowing for the easy transfer of credits, allowing more students to pursue bachelor’s degrees.

A pair of Kent State University at Trumbull students, Alexandra Dowell and Valerie Helco, were among a group of 10 students who were awarded scholarships monies from the Trumbull Memorial Health Foundation. 

Recipients were chosen based on academics, as well as need, but all are pursuing careers in health care.

Kent State University at Trumbull English instructors Ana Wetzl, Ph.D., and James Canacci, have announced the winners of the inaugural Excite to Write program, an essay writing contest geared toward area high school juniors, seniors, and honor students.