33 Kent State Faculty Members Named Among Top 2% of Scientists Worldwide 

Kent State's top-tier research and R1 status showcased in study

Thirty-three Kent State University faculty members have been named in the 2% of most-cited scientists in the world based on a recently updated study published by Stanford University scholars, illustrating Kent State’s top-tier research status.  

Top 2 % in the World 

The report is based on the Oct. 1, 2023, snapshot from Scopus, updated to end of citation year 2022. Scopus is an abstract and indexing database produced by the Elsevier Co. 

The top 2% includes the top 100,000 most cited scientists as determined by a composite citation score or “c-score” focusing on the impact of the citations rather than the productivity (number of publications). It also incorporates information on co-authorship and author positions. The scientists are classified into 22 fields and 174 subfields. 

The ranking method is based on standardized citation metrics developed by a group of Stanford University scientists led by John P.S. Ioannidis, who is with Stanford's departments of medicine, health research and policy, biomedical data science and statistics and the Meta Research Innovation Center. 

The 33 Kent State faculty members included in the top 2% Lifetime Achievement List are: 

The following professors were included on the list but are deceased:

In addition, the following alumnus is included on the list:

There were also Kent State faculty whose single-year productivity put them in the top 2% of researchers for 2022:

The following professors were included on the list but are deceased:

The following faculty members were included on the list but are no longer at Kent State:

POSTED: Tuesday, December 5, 2023 03:18 PM
Updated: Tuesday, December 5, 2023 03:44 PM
April McClellan-Copeland