(R)Evolution Leadership Program

The Women’s Center’s leadership program equips our students with the tools and the introspection they need to be successful leaders and engaged community members in a complex and ever changing landscape. The program teaches students how to become change agents on campus and in the world. This program is offered as a course so that students can sharpen their leadership skills and boost their GPA! 


How it Works: 

Students participate in a series of leadership modules and develop a capstone project that will utilize the skills they have gained and make a positive impact on the community. Students will also be paired with a Mentor and a Capstone Project Advisor.



Program Requirements:

  • Students are expected to complete the leadership course according to the guidelines of the syllabus
  • Students must commit to meeting and communicating with their assigned Mentor at least three times a semester


2020 - 2021 (R)Evolution Leadership Curriculum Overview:


Topics that will be covered in the course are:

  • The Authentic You (Self Discovery/Self Care)
  • Feminism 101
  • Diversity 101
  • Being a Boss over your Finances
  • Leadership Philosophy
  • Passion to Purpose
  • Personal Pitch
  • Capstone Project Development

To Register for the Class: 

  • Log in to Flash line
  • Go to Register for a Class
  • Fill in the following
    • Subject: University College
    • Course Number: 10095
    • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Select the Special Topics course taught by Cassie Pegg-Kirby and Meghan Factor Page


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