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Women’s Studies 

Minoring in Women’s Studies enhances contributions to the campus community and within your future career – no matter your major.  It’s an easy step toward a more meaningful college experience.  Please consult with your academic advisor about the Women’s Studies Minor.  

Women's Studies Minor

The Kent State Women’s Studies program encompasses

  • introducing the subject of women into serious academic inquiry;
  • engaging very basic questions about gender, its very definitions and where/when/how/why they've been constructed and loaded with meaning, power, consequence;
  • understanding contexts --the influence of structures, precedents, ongoing dynamics and overlays of patterned thought and image; and,
  • growing with our growing, changing world including globalization, technological advances, and political shifts.
Women’s Studies Alumna Testimonials:

“So, what is a WMST member?  The women in this program are bright and driven.  This alumna has traveled around the world, studied in Germany, interned at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, and now finds herself blessed to be a part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  All with the support of the fabulous women of this program.”

“The perspective I gained through my WMST minor challenged me to think outside the box…and trust me, those thought processes are deeply appreciated by professionals that you will encounter on your journey to find your post-grad self.”

“I challenge you to find another University department equipped with such fascinating and fun classes, passionate and down-to-earth peers, and a personal commitment from professors that truly want you to receive the most out of your experience.  The Katharine Hepburn summer course will always be my favorite KSU course.”

LGBT Studies

Minoring in LGBT Studies Minor provides opportunity for students committed to exploring scholarly understanding and academic study of sexual orientation and gender identity from an interdisciplinary perspective.  The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Studies Minor allows students to explore sexuality and sexual minorities from a variety of perspectives.  The program includes courses from the College of Art and the College of Arts and Sciences.  Please consult with your academic advisor about the LGBT Studies Minor.  

LGBT Studies Minor LGBT Studies current course offerings