Elect Her

Elect Her is a training program that college students to run for student government on their college or university campuses. Research has shown that women who run for student body elections in college are more likely to run for office as adults. The training addresses the disparity between the high percentage of women in colleges and universities and their low percentage in student governments.

The daylong Elect Her training teaches college students why more women are needed in student government and provides them with the skills to run successful student body campaigns.  Students learn how to create campaign messages and communicate them effectively as well as how to reach out and mobilize voters on campus

Elect Her Schedule of Events at Kent State University

Saturday February 1, 2020, 11:45 am - 4 pm
May 4th Visitor Center, Reflections Gallery          

  • Check-in, Lunch and Networking
  • Welcome and Introductions 
  • Exercise: What's Your Issue?
  • Interview: Undergraduate Student Government Panel
  • Exercise: Building Your Network 
  • Speaker: Representative Emilia Sykes, Ohio State Representative, District 34
  • Exercise: Elevator Speech 
  • Exercise: Campaign Simulation 
  • Closing 


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