Heart Health at Work

Ideas to promote a healthy heart at work.

  • Get support. Identify co-workers, friends, and family you trust and can talk with and make social plans with them.
  • Join departmental or campus-wide social activities and staff organizations to meet new friends and build social support among others on campus with common interests.
  • Practice deep breathing, visualization, meditation, yoga, stretching or some other relaxation promoting techniques. When you are feeling more relaxed you will find healthy solutions to workplace stressors.
  • Take a break from whatever is causing your stress.  Don’t forget to laugh, play, and have fun.  Balance out stressful tasks with enjoyable projects.
  • Take care of yourself. Maintain a healthy diet. Exercise moderately at least two to three time Get enough sleep.  Remember that caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs can actually contribute to stress.
  • Take a brief wellness break for a brisk, rejuvenating walk on campus with a friend.  The change of scenery and social support can make a difference!