Lucretia Adams

Lucretia Adams pic

Written By: Andriana Ruscitto

Determination has never been a foreign concept for Lucretia Adams.

At a young age, Lucretia's parents separated, and she watched as her father stopped caring and providing for her family the way he used to when her parents were together.

This was a challenging time for Lucretia, but she did not let those obstacles get in the way of her desire to excel in life.

The characteristics she acquired from her past have trickled into her later years and impacted her time at Kent State University through her studies and her future career opportunities.

Lucretia is now a senior at Kent State studying chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry.

Prior to her sophomore year of college, she interned as a summer lab assistant, where she was excited to start her journey as a chemist and learn more about her field of study.

As the only African American in her internship program, she expressed that several of the chemists she worked with were unpleasant towards her and were unwilling to help her expand her knowledge of the chemistry industry.

“I was doubted by several of the chemists a lot,” Lucretia said. “They just assumed if a project was hard that I wasn’t going to want to do it or that I wasn’t able to do it.”

At one point, one of the chemists suggested that Lucreita change her major and quit altogether.

Although those words were disheartening, Lucretia decided to take control of her own destiny and used those words as motivation to apply to other internships and do well in school.

She knew the key to her success was her responsibility, so she took the initiative to work hard and complete the tasks, regardless if she had guidance or not.

Since then, she has had three additional internships and expressed the importance of being able to continue to pursue her dreams through the negativity and doubt from others.

A quote that means a lot to her is “you fight fear with knowledge,” she said. She is not afraid to ask questions when something is unclear and to also find new approaches to get things done.

Lucretia plans to take her perseverance and the skills she has learned while at Kent State and apply it to her future careers.

After graduation, she aspires to be a chemist in the paint industry and plans to travel the world while working.

Her advice to other students is to “not let anyone's words discourage them.”

“Throughout my career and academics I have had teachers and coworkers doubt me, but I have not let them stop me from pursuing my goals in life. I have only let those words motivate me to do what I know I am capable of.”