Mission and Value Statement


The Kent State University Women’s Center leads and supports efforts for equity for female/female identifying students, faculty and staff, through alliances of advocacy and care.

Value Statement

The work of the Women’s Center is grounded in, and demonstrated by, the values we cherish most, which are:

  • Promoting the pursuit of higher education and knowledge for female students as a source of power, economic independence and self-actualization 
  • Honoring diversity and inclusiveness in all we do
  • Supporting the rights of women to pursue safety and dignity in all aspects of their lives
  • Engaging in vibrant dialogue, strong collaborations, and purposeful action in working toward a just and inclusive community where people of all genders, orientations, classes, races, ages and abilities can thrive
  • Honoring the dignity of all individuals and productively challenging them to be their best selves
  • Valuing and encouraging women’s ways of learning and expression and the importance of engaging those voices to shape our community.

Core Commitments

The work of the Women’s Center is guided by the value we place on action, community, mentorship and growth:

  • We work to empower female/female identifying students to pursue and achieve their potential in the  higher education setting 
  • We work to foster community and collaboration among those with diverse experiences and aspirations
  • We work for the elimination of barriers to gender equity
  • We work to facilitate dialogue which actively resists sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and discrimination in all forms within our community
  • We hold commitments to gender, reproductive, economic, and social justice
  • We actively engage in action which supports the prevention of sexual, physical and verbal violence.
  • The Women’s Center staff strives to treat all community members with kind, welcoming and non-judgmental service.