Reproductive Health Resources

The Women’s Center provides a supportive and inclusive environment to navigate individuals reproductive healthcare. Students will be treated with respect and support, regardless of topic or need. The information below provides an overview of the most pertinent university and community resources available.


What options are in available for student birth control information?

Kent State Women’s Clinic at DeWeese Health Center (2nd Floor)

  •  Offers initiation and management of birth control as well as Plan B
  •  Schedule an appointment online or call the Clinic at 330-672-8264

Find a clinic near you that offers affordable contraception options.

Where can pregnancy tests be accessed?
  • Kent State Women's Clinic at DeWeese Health Center
  • Planned Parenthood, Kent Health Center, 138 E Main Street 2nd Floor Kent, OH 44224, 330-678-8011
  • Kent State Women's Center at the Williamson House (FREE pregnancy tests located in first floor universal restrooms)
What additional pregnancy resources or staff are in Kent?

Planned Parenthood, Kent State University Health Center, Kent State Women's Center

  • Trained staff to discuss your options with you if you are pregnant
How do students effectively combine pregnancy and academics?
Questions you may have such as attendance policies in class, make-up work and scholarships are addressed in Title IX.

Office of Gender Equity & Title IX protects students from discrimination on the basis of sex within federally funded educational programs. This includes discrimination due to pregnancy, parenting and related conditions.

Students seeking accommodation based upon pregnancy may contact the Student Ombuds or the Title IX Coordinator.

As with any medical need, the Student Ombuds staff serve students in pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy. The ombuds assists students in understanding institutional policies and procedures and facilitates communication regarding academic concerns.

Kent State Student Ombuds, Dr. Amy Quillin can be reached at or by calling 330-672-9494. For more information or to request an appointment, fill out the Student Ombuds request form.

More about Title IX and your rights:
What resources are available on campus for parents who are students?

Literacy and Independence for Family Education (LIFE) Program

  • Program designed for single parent students
  • Provides support services and resources

The Child Development Center welcomes children of Kent State students, faculty and staff