Support Us

How does your gift help the Women's Center at Kent State University?
  • Your generosity to the Women's Center enables us to continue to provide resources, support services, programming and advocacy for the women at Kent State.
  • Educational and wellness programming, crisis-intervention counseling, bi-annual mammograms, and advocacy for a healthy and safe campus environment are several of the initiatives made available by the Women's Center for all women faculty, staff and students.
  • Your gift will support not only our current work, but assist in the growth and the health of the Women's Center.  Thank you for your support!
How will your support help a Kent State student?

$15 provides six boxes of spaghetti and 3 jars of sauce for the Women's Center Pantry.  Our students use the pantry on an as-needed basis as they work their way through their undergraduate years.

A $15/month payroll deduction supports educational programming and advocacy focusing on the prevention of sexual assault and intimate partner violence for all community women. One in four college women is a survivor of rape or attempted rape. The SRVSS Office at Kent State University is working to reduce this statistic.  

$150 provides one mathematics textbook for a student who can't afford all of her required books for the semester.

$1,500 provides support for three months of housing for a student who finds herself without safe and clean housing mid-semester, a circumstance that otherwise could disrupt her path to graduation.

Your gift can make a real difference to a real student today.