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Where Do Black Women Go?

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The Women’s Center seeks to explore areas where women’s voices can be uplifted and amplified. Where Do Black Women Go? focuses on Black women’s health, retention, and development. Through research and collaboration, Where Do Black Women Go? addresses Black women’s health through a unique, supportive environment as we seek to provide affirming spaces for Black women.

This initiative includes topic-specific events, networking opportunities, and the establishment of KSU community village for Black women-identifying faculty, staff, and students. Where Do Black Women Go? explores issues such as mental health, self-empowerment, promoting body positivity, and more. This initiative is unique with its fabric woven by research and individual Black women’s voices and recommendations.  We hope to provide participants a platform to share experiences, concerns, challenges and triumphs of intersectional identities and their related facets of health.  Please Join Us! 

Spring 2018 Schedule

Mental Health: Where Do Black Women Go to Cry?

  •  February 16, 6pm @ The Williamson House

Reproductive Health &  Justice: Where Do Black Women Go to Reclaim Their Bodies?

  • March 21, 6pm @ The Williamson House 

Discovering Self: Where Do Black Women Go to Be Awkward? 

  • April 19, 7pm @ The Student Multicultural Center 


If you are interested in helping with this initiative, or have any topics you would like to suggest, please email wc@kent.edu.