Yoga | Women's Center | Kent State University


Peaceful Practice

Looking for a way to quiet your mind and feed your soul? Join us to begin a peaceful practice with mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

All classes will be held at the Williamson House and all members of the Kent State Community are welcome. Mats and yoga props are available to borrow or bring your own. All levels and experiences are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Make the commitment to take time for you.

Join us for refreshing, calming, and centering yoga at the Williamson House. You are committing to a 6-week/6-class session. The cost is $50. Class fees may be paid to the instructor on the first day of class.

Session I:  Weeks of September 10 - October 15
(No class 11/12)
Session II: Weeks of October 22 - December 3
(No class 11/23)
  • Monday           5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.     Kjera Seregi
  • Friday              5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.     Valerie Samuel

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Yoga Teacher Introductions 

Valerie Rebecca Samuel believes yoga is for everyone. She sees yoga as an inner personal practice that seeks to connect or reconnect the mind-body link. As a yoga instructor, Valerie hopes to address concerns that prohibit or discourage people from trying yoga. She describes her personal yoga philosophy as, “when I practice, I listen to what my body tells me it needs. I send breath and energy throughout my body, but especially to the places that ask for my attention. In return my body responds with action, movement and healing, as best as it can. I heal my body and my body heals me.

Kjera Seregi has been practicing yoga since 2010 and teaching since 2013, completing her 200-level training with Brahmrishi Yoga.  Her classes usually move at a slow to medium pace, and vary in intensity from gentle to moderate, allowing everyone their own opportunity for individual exploration.  She guides her classes with the goal of using the yoga poses to help calm the mind and increase focus, while allowing for breath to energetically flow through the body.