Women's Leadership

The Women’s Center makes an intentional effort to equip our students with the tools they need to effectively lead and pursue their career goals. We offer leadership opportunities that teach students how to become change agents on campus and in the world. The Women’s Center also focuses on developing women leaders in areas where women are underrepresented. Two areas of focus include political and STEM fields. We are dedicated to helping our female and female-identifying students overcome obstacles and succeed by focusing on cultivating the inner leaders, connecting students with resources, creating opportunities for students to lead and recognizing women leaders on campus!




Recognizing the leadership of our students, faculty and staff on campus is a priority for the Women’s Center. While we recognize women who are already being celebrated as leaders on campus by their title and their promotion, we also want to include the female and female identifying individuals who may not be receiving those accolades but whose value and impact is no less important.

Mother’s Mentors and Muses Scholarship Fundraiser

  • Recognition for faculty and staff.

The Sage Project

  • Recognition for Kent State students.