CELEMI Tango™ - Success Through People

CELEMI Tango helps employees enhance their skills in attracting, developing and retaining the right talent and clients, and teaches them how to gain a competitive edge and execute a successful business strategy.

In this capstone, strategic business simulation, teams of different organizations fiercely compete to create short-term profit and long-term value by optimizing HR planning and talent development. A focus on retention is highlighted when employees leave if not satisfied in their jobs. Gain insights that will position you as an organizational leader. You will make fast-paced decisions about optimal capacity utilization, leveraging employees, meeting client demands and ensuring delivery – all while maintaining cash flow, brand equity, shareholder value and stakeholder satisfaction. Business operations, know-how and brand are in the spotlight, but bankruptcy, mergers or headhunters could be waiting behind the scenes!

In this highly interactive business simulation, you will:

  • Practice Decisions to Balance Effective Short-term Goals and Successful Long-term Planning
  • Provide Knowledge of the Important Link Between Corporate Strategy and Strategic Recruitment
  • Assess How an Employee’s Job and Development Path Fits into the Overall Corporate Strategy
  • Understand Business Finance and Key Performance Indicators
  • Improve Talent Management Skills
  • Manage the Mix of Clients and People to Improve Long-term Fit, Productivity and Profit

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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Ned Parks Ned Parks

As an entrepreneur, author and radio talk show host, as well as a community leader and outdoor enthusiast, Ned Parks pulls from a wealth of experience to deliver upbeat and highly interactive programs.

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“This program was great and fun learning experience that will help each of us make better business decisions."

Program Participant, Dealer Tire