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Getting Started With the Employment Process for Your New Faculty Position

Welcome to Kent State University! Please follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1
Step 2
  • Soon after you return your signed offer letter, your Kent State University ID/login instructions and KSU email address will be emailed to you at the email address which you provided when you applied for the position. FlashLine is Kent State University’s web portal for faculty, staff, and students. You will need to log onto FlashLine to establish your account as well as register for New Hire Orientation.
Step 3
  • Academic Personnel will email several new hire documents via DocuSign, the platform that Kent State University uses to capture electronic signatures for new hire documents including: Confidentiality Form, Auditor of State, Ohio Ethics Compliance Form, the I-9 Instruction and Form I-9.  Please log onto Flashline to complete your Federal and State withholdings.  Your social security or temporary identification number is required to complete this process.  A confirmation email will be sent when all documents have been completed via DocuSign.  After receipt of the confirmation email, you will need to finalize your I-9 documentation, in-person, at Academic Personnel, Heer Hall 635 Loop Road, Suite 320, Kent, Ohio 44242.  Please bring two (2) forms of identification with you.
  • Parking permits are required on the Kent campus and may be obtained from Parking Services at 123 Michael Schwartz Center. If employed on a Regional Campus, contact your supervisor to determine if a parking permit is required.  To obtain your FLASHCard (Kent State University identification card), visit the FLASHCard Office located on the first floor of the Kent Student Center.
  • Kent State University requires that as a condition of employment all new employees enroll for direct deposit. After receipt of your Kent State University “Flashline ID” and login instructions from Human Resources, log onto Flashline and select EMPLOYEE/Dashboard, then select PAYROLL DIRECT DEPOSIT.  Scroll to the bottom and ADD A NEW DIRECT DEPOSIT and add your information and select SAVE. You will not have access to this portal until your hire date.

Benefits Enrollment

  • ** Very Important: You must enroll in your health insurance benefits within 31 days of your hire date. Please be sure to sign up for the special New Faculty Orientation session that will be held August, 2018. You may register for this mandatory event by logging into FACULTY NEW HIRE ORIENTATION 2018
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to enroll in your Benefit plans within 31 days of your hire date, you will not be eligible to enroll until the next Open Enrollment period, which begins in October, to be effective January 1st of the following year. If you have questions, please contact the Benefits Office at (330) 672-3107.
  • To preview your insurance options, visit the New Hire Information page.
  • You will not be contributing to the federal social security system while you are employed at KSU. You will be asked to complete and sign a Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security form.
  • You will automatically be placed in the state retirement system; however, there are several choices for participation within this plan. You will have a choice of an alternative retirement plan (ARP) which you may direct yourself. If you choose to participate in the ARP, this choice is irrevocable. Your decision must be made within 120 days of start of employment by completing the Retirement Plan Election Form.
  • If you have qualifying service at another organization, you must have a copy of that information (Prior Service Form) forwarded to Academic Personnel as soon as possible.

For questions and concerns regarding the above-instructions, please contact Daniela Zurschmit, Acting Manager of Academic Personnel at (330) 672-8701 or via email to