Associate of Arts in Justice Studies | Kent State University

Associate of Arts in Justice Studies

The justice studies curriculum integrates knowledge and skills acquired in disciplines such as sociology, psychology, and political science with a range of justice subjects encompassing crime and delinquency, police services, and courts and corrections.

The program provides an opportunity to understand the foundations and problems of the contemporary criminal justice process and suggest approaches to the solution of these problems. The program prepares its graduates for professional roles in the varied fields of criminal justice or for further study, including law school.  

The Associate of Arts degree in Justice Studies is designed to prepare graduates for paraprofessional positions in the field of justice studies. It is also designed as a pre-bachelor's degree program since credits earned are applicable to a Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies. The two-year program is unique in that, under proper academic advising, it can serve ASA foundation for advanced studies in several areas including retail security, industrial security, forensics, law and corrections. Graduates of this program typically seek employment in probation offices, social service agencies, courts, local law enforcement offices and crime labs. Many graduates choose to pursue further education in Justice Studies to prepare for professional positions or graduate education.

The Justice Studies program is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the functions, roles and critical issues within the field of justice studies. A goal of the program is to equip students with the knowledge, insight and sensitivity necessary for successful careers in both public and private justice agencies.